Our Values Based Approach to Investing and Fossil Fuel Divestment by Benjamin Arnow

The Arnow Family Fund understands that human induced global warming/climate change is a grave risk to the well-being of current and future generations, and a serious threat to ecosystem health. As reflected in AFF’s value statement, AFF embraces its responsibility to repair our communities and the world and strives to create a world that honors the dignity and equal rights of all human beings. Therefore, we have both a moral and fiduciary responsibility to help mitigate the devastating social, economic, and environmental impacts of climate change, the majority of which are now falling on the world’s poorest people, but will inevitably affect us all. AFF recognizes that as a society we must reduce the worldwide human impact on the earth’s climate and replace fossil-fuels with cleaner, renewable energy. Thus, AFF has decided to divest from the fossil fuel industry in order to achieve greater alignment with our values. Through this decision we are joining with other foundations and investors who share our sense of urgency and responsibility...

Download PDF of complete statement here.

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